Review of Beneath the Dark Ice by Greig Beck

I think I’ve found a new action hero! Beneath the Dark Iceintroduces us to the Arcadian, Captain Alex Hunter, who was left for dead in Chechnya by a Russian assassin named Borshov. A bullet lodged in his brain has caused changes to his strength and reflexes, creating a kind of super soldier who’s latest mission is to find and extract any survivors of a prior rescue mission in Antarctica. The first mission was to look for survivors of a private plane that crashed through the ice into a cavern below and a possible deposit of oil beneath it.

Hunter’s team includes his own highly trained commandos and another group of scientists. One of those scientists is petrobiologist Dr. Aimee Weir, whose mentor is among the missing scientists from the previous mission. Aimee’s job is to determine if there really is oil under the Antarctic ice, because if so, it could start a war. When the Russian’s discover the US is sending in a second team, they send their own to follow and eliminate Hunter’s team, led by Borshov. What they actually find under the ice is an ancient terror that has been living there for thousands of years and remembers that humans make a tasty meal and it wants more.

While the Arcadian is a little too super human to be real, he’s still a very likable character. Most of his abilities are actually believable, but a few defy belief. The story itself blends ancient myth and modern science very well, giving us action, adventure and just enough romance to keep us thoroughly entertained. I can’t wait for the next installment, Dark Rising,due out in August.

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