Review of Blood Moon by M.R. Sellars

If you’re not familiar with M.R. Sellars, or Murv as he’s affectionately called, then you should make it a point to get acquainted. Ever since I picked up Harm Noneback in 2000, I’ve been hooked on the Rowan Gant Investigations series. I got Roger hooked as well. Fast foward to 2008 and book 9, Blood Moon.While all the books are technically written as stand alones, if you missed the three books before this one, you might be a little confused by some of the sub plot. For those of you who did read them, the Miranda story is still ongoing and will continue in the next book, which I believe will be called Miranda. If you haven’t read any of the previous books, here’s a low down on Rowan Gant and Blood Moon.

Rowan Gant and his wife Felicity O’Brien are practicing witches. Their best friend Ben Storm is a Saint Louis homicide detective. Rowan has the unwanted gift of being able to communicate with the dead and they aren’t very polite about it. In fact, it’s pretty much played havoc with his life since the first time Ben asked him for his help on a case.

In Blood Moon, the police have found a female body with a puncture would in the neck and no blood. Not in the corpse and not at the dump site. While Rowan tries not to get involved in another case, he’s already being harassed by the spirit of the dead woman and his involvement is inevitable. Especially since someone high up in the police department has ordered Ben to get Rowan’s help. As the body count climbs, Rowan has to risk his wife’s anger and his own well being to help find the killer.

I enjoyed the story as always, but was left feeling like everything was unfinished. That’s actually not all that unusual in a Rowan Gant story, but I felt that neither story line was completed by the end. I expected that of the Miranda story line, but not the “vampire” murders. Even so, I still recommend all the Rowan Gant Investigations and look forward to the next one.

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