Review of Evolve edited by Nancy Kilpatrick

You can never go wrong with a book full of good vampire stories. That’s what we have with Evolve.Subtitled “Vampire Stories of the New Undead”, the stories tell us how vampires might evolve to survive, just like all other life on earth. After all, if you can’t change, you stagnate. Aren’t vampires too hip to stagnate? I guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Here are some of my favorite stories.

Learning Curve by Kelley Armstrong: A vampire is being stalked by misguided vampire hunters. Can she teach them a few new tricks?

Chrysalis by Ronald Hore: A young high school girl is evolving into something more than human. Do her parents have any idea what they’d created?

Mother of Miscreants by Jennifer Greylyn: When the mother of all vampires writes a tell all book about vampires, her wayward “children” take offense that everything they’ve ever thought they were was untrue.

Quid Pro Quo by Tanya Huff: In a new Vicki Nelson story, her partner Mike Celluci has been kidnapped by a man who wants Vicki to turn him into a vampire in exchange for Mike’s life. Apparently he doesn’t know Vicki very well.

All the stories were very interesting. It’s nice to know that vampires will continue to evolve into more than we know them now, just as they’ve evolved since Bram Stoker first introduced us to Dracula. They’re only limited by the authors who write about them and the current bunch are pretty entertaining, so I say “let the evolution begin!”

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