Review of Masques by Patricia Briggs

Having not read the original version of Patricia Briggs first novel, Masques,I can only take it on the authors word that it seriously needed improvement. So here we have the new and improved version and while it still reads like a first novel, it was an enjoyable one.

Master spy and shapeshifter, Aralorn, seems to be one of the few people who sees through the mask put on by the powerful sorcerer Geoffrey ae’Magi. While ae’Magi works his magic to control the local population, making them all think he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them, Aralorn and her enigmatic friend, Wolf, are both keeping to the background and waiting for their chance to to aid small rebellion that’s building against him. But Wolf has a secret that might derail their plans and put Aralorn in danger. Will they be able to defeat ae’Magi before it’s too late?

Even in her first novel, Briggs brings us memorable characters that you’ll cheer for. It’s something she’s always been good at and she’s only gotten better over time. While the story telling still leaves a little to be desired, you can still see the beginnings of greatness in this novel. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming sequel, Wolfsbane.

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