Review of Inked (anthology)

The four short stories in Inkedall share one thing in common, the use of tattoos in their stories. I found all the stories to be enjoyable, but as always, we’ll talk about them individually.

Skin Deep by Karen Chance: War mage Lia de Croissets is still suffering from a magical haywire when she finds out that her werewolf boyfriend Cyrus is missing. Will she be able to help him when she can’t rely on her own magical abilities or will she have to use a new found connection between them that she didn’t know existed? This is my favorite story of the book and makes me wish Lia has more than short stories written about her.

Armor of Roses by Marjorie Liu: Demon-hunter Maxine Kiss finds herself revisiting her Grandmother’s past when an old man dies in front of her car from a gun shot wound. He carries a message asking Maxine to save him and his friends and she must determine what it all means and how she can help them when their story started long before she was born. I really enjoyed this story and find I may have to check out the Hunter Kiss novels.

Etched in Silver by Yasmine Galenorn: This tells the story of how a young Camille D’Artigo first met and got involved with her Svartan lover Trillian while trying to keep herself from being fired from the Y’Elestrial Intelligence Agency. It was slightly refreshing to meet Camille and her sisters before they go Earthside and I enjoyed getting to see how she’d met Trillian.

Human Nature by Eileen Wilks: FBI Agent Lily Yu is asked by her werewolf mate Rule Tanner to investigate the death of his childhood friend in California, a death that could only happen through magical means. I keep meaning to get back to this series and intend to eventually because I really enjoy Lily and Rule’s relationship.

All in all, I found Inked to be a good anthology with interesting stories. Some with characters I know well and some I didn’t. But it served it’s purpose and now I’d like to know more.

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