Review of Unknown by Rachel Caine

The second book of the Outcast Season series, Unknown,finds us where we left off in Undone,with former Djinn Cassiel and her Warden counterpart Luis Rocha searching for his missing niece, Isabel and the other Warden children who have been stolen by the very powerful Pearl, who was once a Djinn but is now something more. Pearl is training the children as her own private army and the results are frightening.

Cassiel knows that Pearl is trying to get to her specifically, she even suspects why, but she has no idea what Pearl really has in store for her or how far Pearl will go to drive her towards what she wants Cassiel to do. With the Wardens busy fighting other threats and the new Djinn unwilling to help, Cassiel will look for any help she can get, even if it means making impossible promises.

I’m still getting a feel for the Outcast Season series and it’s heroine, Cassiel. So far I like what I’m reading, but having it run concurrently with the Weather Warden series feels a little stressful as a reader. I would almost prefer this to be happening at a different period in time, even while I know why it’s happening now. It just feels like too much happening all at the same time. How much can one little world handle? I guess we’ll find out!

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