Review of Devastate by Pam Godwin

Ex-slave Tate Vades has been in love with Camila Dias since he met her, but she’s with the love of her life now. In Devastate,he’s on the hunt for Camila’s lost sister, Lucia, who has been missing and presumed dead forĀ eleven years. With the help of a professional, Lucia is located in Venezuela, but she’s involved with a local crime lord, her every move monitored. With former kidnapper Van Quiso along as backup, Tate will do anything he needs to in order to see and talk to Lucia. What he doesn’t expect to find is that she’s sick and possibly dying. Can Tate free Lucia from her prison of circumstance or will he pay the ultimate price for trying?

I wasn’t expecting to find Cole Hartman in this story and didn’t even realize who he was at first. But how can you forget poor Cole from the Tangles Lies series? He’s the one who finds Lucia for Tate, but it’s Van who volunteers to go with Tate, risking his own life to make amends. Tate is a little crazy to attempt this rescue in the first place, but he ends up falling for Lucia and will do anything to free her. And when I say anything, it’s pretty f*cked up the lengths he’ll go to. Tate and Lucia are made for each other. He thought he loved Camila, but it’s Lucia he’ll risk everything for. I’m hoping Cole will finally find his HEA in the next book, where he goes in search of another missing ex-slave, Kate.

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