Review of Evil Games by Angela Marsons

Detective Inspector Kim Stone returns in her second outing, Evil Games.While dealing with a horrific case of child abuse, Kim and her team also are also confronted by the murder of man by his rape victim after he’s released from prison. When another murder soon follows, Kim starts to become suspicious of the person who connects the crimes. Can Kim survive her most challenging case yet unscathed?

Kim is just so damaged that it’s amazing she can survive what she has to go through in this story. But she does it with strength and determination. I was very impressed that she actually adopted a dog in this book, especially after her partner Bryant did in the last one. Kim and her new nemesis after very reminiscent of Chelsea Cain’s Archie Sheriden and Gretchen Lowell, but without the sexual aspect. I feel like Kim still has a long way to go with her personal life, but I’m still loving her so far.


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