Review of Cold Sight by Leslie A. Kelly

Psychic Aiden McConnell used to use his abilities to solve crimes with the Extrasensory Agents in Cold Sight.After a particularly bad case, he’s lying low in the town of Granville, GA, where a local girl goes missing and he starts having scents and auditory events related to her. Reporter Lexie Nolan has been tracking missing girls in Granville for some time now, but the police have shut down her investigation. With her boss’s encouragement, she seeks out Aiden, who initially wants nothing to do with the case. Then he realizes how he knows the latest girl and decides to enlist the help of his former co-workers in the effort to find her before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this story. Aiden is understandably hesitant about getting involved in any investigation again after his last case where all the clues seemed to be wrong and a child died. It’s why he’s also hesitant to help out Lexie, since the press vilified him. But Lexie isn’t like those reporters and he finds himself attracted to her. Together, the two of them do a great job of hunting down the killer and uncovering the truth of what’s been going on in Granville for generations. The series seems to cover a different member of the Agents with each story, but hopefully we’ll get to see Aiden and Lexie again in the future.

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