Review of Sassy Ever After: Tamed by Bianca Sommerland

Panther shifter and enforcer Zaire Torva wasn’t looking for a mate, but that’s exactly what he found when he saw underground fighter Lathan Ferox near death in the ring and negotiated for his life in Sassy Ever After: Tamed.After the two form a bond, Lathan changes and manages to shift into a panther to protect Zaire, but his beast is near feral and he’s unwelcome in pack territory. While looking for a runaway wolf cub, the two stumble upon another shifter who has already vowed to protect the child. Embry Caelit?s is a mythical creature, but she’s also Zaire and Lathan’s mate and she can help control Lathan’s beast. Together, the three of them will do whatever it takes to protect young Livvie from her uncles and ensure she has the future she wants and needs.

Having never ready anything in the Sassy world before, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this story. But I’m a fan of Bianca Sommerland, so it was worth a read. I wasn’t disappointed. Ziare and Lathan together was hot, but when they added Embry to the equation, it was scorching. I liked how they were all willing to give everything up to protect Livvie, even starting over in a new place. I wish there could be more about these characters, but I’m not sure there will be since it’s part of another person’s world. But you never know.

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