Review of City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

While Agent Pendergast is still reeling from the departure of Constance Greene, a series of murders grips New York City in City of Endless Night.While Pendergast isn’t initially interested in the murders, Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta is in charge of the investigations and the leads aren’t panning out. What do the murders have in common and why were they targetted? Even Pendergast fails to find the common thread. But there’s a diabolical killer on the loose who views Pendergast as a worthy opponent and it will take every resource he can muster to keep himself and D’Agosta alive.

I’d almost forgotten how the last book ended, with Constance leaving to go visit her child in Tibet. Pendergast is obviously lost without her and has no idea how to handle the situation, so it was probably good that he had to team up with D’Agosta. I’ve always liked when the two of them work together, even if Vinnie gets a little exasperated with how Pendergast acts. You’d think he’d be used to it by now. Since the murdered in this book survives to live another day, you can image that this won’t be the last we’ll see of him. Pendergast seems to need a nemasis to be at his best sometimes. This book did make me miss Bill Smithback, since we have reporter Bryce Harriman looking into the cases and being a nuisance. It will be interesting to see where Pendergast and Constance go from here. Will she be more involved in his investigations after this? Time will certainly tell.

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