Review of A Grave Calling by Wendy Roberts

Julie Hall has an unusual talent. She can find dead bodies with her dowsing rods. In A Grave Calling,she’s asked by FBI Agent Garrett Pierce to help find a body of a missing girl in the hope that it will help save the lives of two others. When more girls disappear and the case heats up, JulieĀ finds herself the focus of the killer. Her tendency to do things on her own will keep Garrett from protecting her. And when the killer is finally unveiled, it will shatter Julie’s world forever.

I’ve missed Wendy Roberts a lot, so this book is a great start to a new series. You could predict the relationship between Julie and Garrett from the beginning, but I really didn’t see the killer coming. I really liked Julie’s gift of dowsing and Garrett’s initial suspicion. But once she started proving her worth, he was on board with it. Too bad he kept her out of the investigation, which is why she went off on her own. I’m looking forward to the second book, A Grave Search,which will be out in just eight days.

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