Review of Block Party by Stylo Fantome

The third Twin Estates story centers around building owner Liam Edenhoff, who’s still feeling the sting of losing Katya Tocci to his former business partner, Wulfric Stone. In Block Party,Liam finds himself suddenly attracted to Ayumi Nakada, Wulf’s right hand person, who is also doing Liam’s books for him. Ayumi wasn’t looking for anything serious and Liam is more than happy to oblige her at first. But when things start to change for Liam, can he convince a very skittish Ayumi that they’re worth taking a risk she might not be ready for? Or will he lose her forever?

This is a great story, but it’s plagued by poor editing. Missing words, wrong words, too many words. The mistakes were far too many to count and it’s a shame, because it affects the overall enjoyment of the story. Otherwise, I enjoyed Liam and Ayumi’s story. Both of them are kind of damaged. Ayumi by how she was treated by her mother, being told she was never good enough. Liam by his belief that his twin brother was always the darling of the family and he was the overlooked one. While Liam’s view is distorted by his strained relationship with his brother, his family really adores him. Together, they finally find out what it means to really be loved. I’m looking forward to reading Tori’s story and see what happened to her once she left town.

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