Review of Emergence by C.J. Cherryh

While paidhi-aiji Bren Cameron is back home on the island of Mospheira setting up security and tutelage for the three young human children about to be sent down from the space station in Emergence,the Aiji’s young heir, Cajeiri, is in the middle of his own troubles at his great uncle’s estate of Tirnamardi, where a potential heir to the Ajuri clan is making his case to Tatiseigi. Cajeiri will find his new status as heir tested while he finds his way in his new place in life. With the house under siege from enemies and his family threatened, will he show that he has what it will take to eventually lead the Atevi people as Aiji?

It was interesting to see Cajeiri’s mind negotiate thoughts that a normal nine year old Atevi is probably a little too young to fully comprehend. He makes a lot of grown up decisions in this story and even finds new ground with his mother, who he hasn’t been close to recently. Bren, in comparison, has a more boring job to do as he gets things in place for the station children and their families. He sees a little action at the end and even saves the president in a round about way. The one person missing from this story is Great Grandmother Ilisidi, who is usually a great foil for Bren’s theories. Her no-nonsense demeanor would have been appreciated in this story, but it was still a great read.

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