Review of The Demon Crown by James Rollins

Commander Grayson Pierce may face the ultimate threat in the newest Sigma Force novel, The Demon Crown.While on a sabbatical from work with his significant other, Seichan,┬áboth are┬átargeted in Hawaii by an attack that unleashes a swarm of insects that has survived since the prehistoric age. This extinction-level event could mean the end of life on the planet if it’s not contained and eradicated. But when Seichan is infected, it will take the whole Sigma team to find the answers that will save one of their own as well as all of humanity.

I’ve always had a healthy avoidance of hornets and wasps, but now I think I will even more so. I loved the mix of history and science in this story, but especially the link to the founder of the Smithsonian, James Smithson. As the secret home of Sigma, the Smithsonian has featured in all of the stories and it was great to finally have that history acknowledged. I also love how Gray and Seichan work together. He always trusts her to get the job done. After all, she was a highly trained assassin before joining Sigma. Kat and Monk get to play too in this story. I don’t think Kat’s been in the field for a while, so it was good to see she’s still got her mojo. Everything’s about to change for Sigma and I can’t wait to see where it all goes.

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