Review of Master Bits & Mercenary Bites: Girls Night by Lexi Blake

Find out what happens after the stories end in Master Bits & Mercenary Bites: Girls Night.In one seemingly very long night, Phoebe and Jesse end up baby sitting on their anniversary, Charlotte and Ian find out their daughters will probably end up taking over the world, Karina and Derek go on a stake out in Ian’s neighborhood, Ten and Faith deal with her sister’s ashes, Tiffany and Sebastian spend time in the wine cellar, and Serena finds a town where all the couples have relationships like her, Jake and Adam. In England, Damon and Penny interview new female operatives. Then the McKay-Taggart women gather to celebrate a birthday and wait to hear news on the mission all their men are on.

All the first stories take place during the time of the play party from At Your Service,while Serena’s story takes place in Bliss, Colorado, the town Lexi Blake writes about as Sophie Oak. We don’t really have the right context to know when Penny and Damon’s story happens, but I’m excited about the new women they’ll be working with. The last story takes place at the end of Love Another Dayand gives you a look into the stress the women go through when the men are out on a mission and they’re stuck home waiting. Combine all that with a bunch of great recipes and it makes for a great read.

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