Review of Millions by Pepper Winters

After being stolen off Elder Prest’s yacht by Q Mercer, Pimlico now needs to convince her rescuers that they took her from the wrong person in the final Dollar story, Millions.An injured Elder is furious and when he finally finds Pim, he’s looking for revenge. But an even more serious threat has him joining forces with Q to keep their women safe. Will Elder finally overcome his past in order to have the future he feels Pim deserves?

I gotta say, I loved the combination of Elder and Q, Pim and Tess. Since Tess knows where Pim is coming from, they have a lot of common ground. But Pim doesn’t completely understand Tess’s circumstances, which are really screwed up to begin with. Elder and Q are both alpha males whose primary focus is protecting their families. So they don’t exactly like each other, but they respect each other. Elder and Pim really are awesome together. I love their dynamic and how she’s figured out how to overcome some of his OCD. I’m very happy with how this ended and I’ll love a glimpse of them in a future series, but as we’ve seen others in this series.

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