Review of At Your Service by Lexi Blake

Former Navy officer Juliana O’Neil was discharged from the military after losing her left hand in At Your Service.At a loss for what to do, she gets a job a Top restaurant as a hostess, where they hire veterans and get them any help they might need. But Jules real dream was to be a chef and now she no longer sees that in her future. Chef Javier Leones wouldn’t know what monogamy was if it punched him in the face, but he’s getting tired of that lifestyle and wants to make some changes. Javi thinks Jules could be the woman he’s willing to put all that aside for. Jules things Javi’s just looking for a good time and she’s willing to play along for now. But Javi needs to prove to her that she’s what he wants and that Jules can still have the dream she’d given up on.

This was another great story in the Masters and Mercenaries: Topped series. While Jules is probably a little more adjusted than you’d expect, she does still have serious issues, which makes her more believable. Javi is your typical himbo who has decided he’s finally ready to put that life behind him. The two of them are obviously attracted to each other, but he doesn’t think she’ll take him seriously and she thinks he’s way out of her league even if she did trust him. Together, they’re actually pretty awesome. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series.

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