Review of With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe

Profiler Sadie Bonds knows all about killers from a personal experience that happened when she was a teenager in Visions of Red.Now, she’s hunting a serial killer with BDSM overtones. When Sadie first meets Shibari expert and ropes rigger Colton Reed, she considers him a suspect. While Colton has a secret he wants to stay that way, it’s not the one she thinks it is. Amid distrust within the police department and a killer who seems fixated on her, Sadie will find her redemption and her possible downfall.

I decided to review all three books together since they tell a full story and don’t really stand on their own. I liked Sadie’s character. She’s damaged and struggling, but she’s got a strength that can’t be denied. Colton is damaged too in his own way. He’s permanently scarred by something that happened to him and it inadvertently connects him to Sadie’s current case. But Colton is also the one person who can help Sadie find her way free of her of her own tragic past and in doing so, free himself as well. She finds security in Shibari and he finds his perfect match. It’s very poetic in it’s own way and that’s what makes it a good story. I liked how the story turned out at the end and I’ll eventually read the companion series that goes along with it.

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