Review of Perfect Victim by Kelley Armstrong

Tyrone Cypher has come to¬†Nadia Stafford and her boyfriend Jack with a job in Perfect Victim.He wants them to protect an innocent¬†woman in Hawaii who someone is trying to kill. They suspect one of lawyer Angela Kamaka’s clients is murdering their way through court employees and someone has already taken a shot at her. Nadia and Jack will have to find a way to protect Angela while trying to figure out who the killer is.

I wish there were more Nadia Stafford books. I’ve always liked these characters and I want to know more about them, so whenever there’s a new opportunity to, I’m there. I like Jack and Nadia’s dynamic, though they still have some communication issues they need to work on. They’ve always worked well together, each having their own strengths. Seeing Tyrone Cypher out of his element was a little fun too. It gets you in the mood for the next Rockton story, This Fallen Prey.

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