Review of Ripples by Aleatha Romig

Twenty year old Natalie Rawlings is on her way to spend the holidays with her family in Europe when she’s abducted off the plane in Ripples.Dexter Smithers has been planning the abduction for some time, so he’s ready when he finally has an opportunity to get at Natalie when she’s alone. He spirits her away to his family’s home in Austria, determined to make her his, regardless of what Natalie wants. Over months time, Dexter takes over Natalie’s life and trains her to be the woman he wants her to be. But Natalie’s family hasn’t given up looking for her. What will happen when they finally find her?

First off, I want to say that this is billed as a stand alone novel. It isn’t. It’s left VERY unfinished, leaving you not really knowing what’s going to happen or maybe exactly why it did happen. Secondly, I was not really happy with this story. At least in the Consequences series, Anthony Rawlings was redeemed at the end. I can’t say the same for Dexter. He comes off as an abuser and poor Natalie as his victim. It’s more like she’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome than actually in love with Dexter. She’s been brainwashed. Lastly, there’s no real depth to either of their characters. You have no real clue who Dexter is as a person by the end of the story. And Natalie comes off as more victim than submissive. True submissives choose to live that lifestyle, they’re not forced in to it like she is. I really wanted to like this story, but I honestly didn’t enjoy it all that much.

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