Review of The Lost Child by Patricia Gibney

When a woman is killed and another missing in The Lost Child,Detective Lottie Parker will have more than a standard mystery to unravel. More deaths and another missing person ramp up the pressure to solve the case, but when Lottie finds out it might be connected to her own father’s death, it adds another levelĀ  of tension. Was this a drug killing or revenge? Was there more than one killer? The answers to those questions will be hard won, but the truth could be more than Lottie can handle.

Lottie is still having trouble coping with life in general in this story. Between drinking and taking Xanax, she’s a little bit of a mess. Her children aren’t much help, expecting her to still clean up after and feed them, when they’re perfectly capable of helping out around the house. Now there’s a new baby in the house as well and Lottie’s own mother appears to be having issues. On a good note, Lottie and her partner Boyd appear to be getting closer and I’m hoping she finally does really let him in to her life. She needs something good for just her.

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