Review of Ghost Ship by James Rollins

When Commander Gray Pierce and his girlfriend Seichan go on an extended vacation from Sigma Force, they end up at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and become embroiled in the hunt for a lost ship and it’s cargo of gold in Ghost Ship.A group of researchers made the find, but someone sold them out and now pirates have come to steal it, killing and kidnapping some of the scientists. Now Gray, Seichan and their associate, Benjamin Brust, will risk everything to┬árescue the scientists and save the day.

This was a nice little preview before the main attraction when The Demon Crowncomes out in December. I love all things Sigma and this was no exception. Gray and Seichan work so well together, especially because he trusts her and lets her do her thing. She’s not someone he needs to protect and truthfully, she’s probably better at that job than he is. We also get a little sneak peak at The Demon Crown at the end of this story. Unfortunately, we have to wait six weeks to read the rest of the story.

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