Review of Do You Take This Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Videographer Drew Martinelli is at Thunder Mountain Ranch to film a wedding when she meets cowboy Austin Teague, who recently returned from a stay in New Zealand in Do You Take This Cowboy.The two hit it off immediately, but while Austin feels like he’s found the person he wants to spend his life with Drew is far from ready to make a commitment and start a family. Will Austin’s drive to get what he wants ruin his chance with Drew before their relationship even starts?

I can appreciate that Drew doesn’t feel ready to make such a serious commitment after knowing someone for just a few days. But she does have family issues she needs to work through if she’s ever going to have a real relationship. Austin, on the other hand, is much too ready to jump in with both feet. Relationships need to develop, not be forced into happening. I did love their experience with the wild horses. That was pretty cool and I would love to see them for real some time.

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