Review of Sleeper by Lexi Blake

When demon halflings start showing up dead after meeting with Daniel Donovan, King of the Vampires, things could go wrong really fast unless Kelsey Owens, the Nex Apparatus, figures out who’s killing them in the third Hunter story,Sleeper.Caught between the forces of heaven and hell, Kelsey may need to make a deal with a demon to keep someone she loves safe. But those who love her will move heaven and earth to do the same for her.

Kelsey is in a little bit of transition in this story. Her relationship with her trainer, Marcus, is coming to an end. Former lover Gray, is out in the world becoming the Dark Prophet. And werewolf Trent is ready to stake his claim on her. Luckily, she’s finally ready to accept the gifts she’s been given so she can do her job to keep the human world safe. Gray is still a little resistant to her role as a Hunter, but Trent is on board and giving his full support. They could end up being as powerful a triad as Daniel, Zoey and Devinshea if they can keep their shit together. Readers of the Masters and Mercenaries series will recognize a guest appearance from Dallas police lieutenant Derek Brighton early on in the story.

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