Review of Claim by Sierra Cartwright

Submissive Makenzie Farrell isn’t interested in another series relationship after her divorce in the seconds Bonds book, Claim.She was pretty sure Dominant businessman┬áKennedy Aldrich knew that before they scened together. But Kennedy is determined to keep her and prove to her that he won’t break her trust like other men in her life have. Unfortunately, that attitude could cause Mackenzie to run and Kennedy will have to rethink his strategy is he wants to claim her.

I think most women can appreciate where Mackenzie was coming from in her view of wanting to remain single. When someone really hurts you, it can be hard to put yourself back out there emotionally. And Kennedy does have a public reputation of having lots of women and being a player. But the truth is usually not quite what you think it really is. I think I would have liked to have known more about Mackenzie’s family, since you do get to meet all of Kennedy’s. I liked the chemistry between them and the BDSM scenes were pretty hot. All in all, these was a great read.

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