Review of Keystone by Luke Talbot

When Gail Turner got the chance of a lifetime to go on an archeological dig in Egypt, she never expected to make a discovery that would change everything we knew about Queen Nefertiti in Keystone.The discovery, knows as the Library of Amarna, also brought with it the mystery of a glyph known as the Amarna Stickman, something never before seen in Egyptology. Unknown to Gail, a man named Seth Mallus has also been looking in to the Stickman for much longer and has set plans in motion that will reverberate around the planet and to a manned mission to Mars, where more mysteries are discovered. What is the Stickman and what does it mean for the future of civilization as we know it?

As crazy as this story is, jumping from an archaeological dig to a mission to Mars, it had me until just before the VERY end. And they it all went catawampus and lost me. I was sort of disappointed by the revelation of what the Stickman really was and what it represented. But I loved the thought of another civilization that had been on Earth long before us leaving behind these clues of what had happened to them. There were also some loose ends that I felt were left unfinished at the end. We know Seth is still around, but then nothing else really. And what happened to the lone astronaut left from the Mars mission? Did she perish on the planet? Did she try to return home? We also don’t fine out what the title, Keystone, really means until the author’s note at the end of the book. I would think you’d want to enlighten us before then. But don’t let my issues keep you from reading what is an otherwise great adventure┬ástory.

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