Review of Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris

Motherhood is proving to be a new adventure for Aurora Teagarden in the tenth book, Sleep Like a Baby.Until she comes down with the flu when her husband Robin has to go out of town to an awards banquet. He hires┬áVirginia to help out at night, but Virginia disappears while Roe and her brother are sleeping and they find a dead body in the backyard who isn’t Virginia. Instead, she’s Robin’s former stalker, who also once attempted to kill Roe and no one informed them she had escaped from the mental ward while awaiting trial. So now Roe has two mysteries to solve. Who killed the woman in their yard and where did Virginia go?

I just love that Roe and Robin are back with more stories. And now they have little baby Sophie to add to the mix, which brings Roe’s relationship with life in general to a whole different level. She would do anything to protect her child. I like how her brother Phillip’s character is progressing. He’s turning into a nice young man. I really liked this story and I can’t wait for more in the series.

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