Review of Prehistoric by Michael Esola

In the rainforest of Indonesia, a massive boardwalk project is underway and Bick Downs is one of the people invited to view the potential investment opportunity. The creation of John Corstine, the boardwalk extends miles through the treetop canopy. But a Prehistoricpredator stalks the unsuspecting group and only luck will keep some of them alive.

First, let me say I liked the idea of this book and even most of the storyline. But it has glaring problems that detract from it. We have a couple of characters who are associated with the bad guy in this story, who just turn up out of nowhere to die dramatically. A previous introduction to them would have been helpful and fleshed out the story some. We also have the son of one of one of the characters who shows up from Hawaii with no explanation of why he’s there, where he got his weapon and how he’s prepared to fight the threat. There’s an amphitheater with weapons stashed below it and no explanation for that either. Finally, what kind of name is Bick? Is it show for something? Is it a nickname? I have no idea, because we really don’t find out a whole lot about the man who the story is supposed to revolve around. Maybe next time?

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