Review of Mack by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Mackhas spent three thousand years living in his twin brother’s shadow, tormented by a curse that only lets him find peace when he kills. While the woman Mack was cursed for is reborn over and over again, King continues to kill her, even when Mack finds her first. King thinks he’s saving his brother more pain, but the truth is far more complicated. Mack is ready for his final end to come and Dr. Theodora Valentine is the one woman who can give it to him. Teddi is the latest incarnation of his lost love, but she doesn’t remember him this time. Can he convince her that they’re connected by a shared tragedy and doomed to keep losing each other unless the curse is finally ended?

It was great to finally get to learn Mack’s story, though it is really tragic. He found his true love only to be the reason her father kills her and curses Mack. Her own promise to free Mack is what keeps her returning to try and help him. If King had let fate take it’s course, things might have worked out totally differently for everyone, because he ends up paying the ultimate price. King and Mia’s story continues in Ten Club.

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