Review of Over the Line by Sierra Cartwright

Sydney Wallace isn’t looking for anything permanent when she visits the Den in Over the Line.In fact, she avoids it so well that she’s got a reputation among the Doms there. But that doesn’t dissuade Master Michael Dayton from approaching her for a scene. After Sydney goes home with him, the two start seeing each other. But Sydney’s insecurities about BDSM relationships and Michael past relationship issues could be the end of what’s a good thing between the two of them.

I can see where Sydney would be intimidated by Michael. He’s really looking for 24/7 submission and Sydney can barely admit she’s actually submissive. She’s more of a masochist and she fears she’ll end up a door mat and have no life of her own. Good thing Michael likes her mouthy and opinionated, because it gives him a reason to punish her. Often. I liked this story a lot, but then, it had a goat and you can’t go wrong with one of those!

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