Review of Extinction Point by Paul Anthony Jones

When the red rain came, reporter Emily Baxter avoided coming in contact with it or it’s residue in Extinction Point.That’s probably the only thing that kept her alive when everyone around her in New York City died a violent death. But her nightmare has only started when the monsters start coming out and the world as she knew it ceases to exist. With just a bicycle and what she can carry, Emily will start a cross country journey to find other survivors and learn what changes are happening. Not all of her discoveries will be good ones, but she’s determined to survive in this alien new world.

Let’s start by saying this is the first book in a series and if you want to find out what happens you’ll have to keep reading. Emily has huge hurtles to surmount, but she’s both lucky and resourceful. Though she does miss some early  opportunities to gather more food and must have the world’s biggest backpack with all the clothing and other items she packs in to it. The whole premise of what’s happening is interesting and I’m very curious to see where it all leads to.

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