Review of Vanished by Kat Richardson

Harper Blaine is about to find out more about her past than she dreamed was possible in Vanished(Greywalker 4). After having a haunting dream of a dead ex-boyfriend, Harper travels to California to confront the ex-boyfriend’s ghost, as well as visit her controlling mother. In the process, she discovers her father killed himself and his ghost is mysteriously out of her reach.

In a seemingly unrelated offer, vampire Edward Kammerling asks Harper to travel to London and discover why he’s lost touch with his friend/agent there. Harper accepts and soon finds that everything is interconnected in ways she never imagined. A breed of vampires called the asetem have taken charge of the London vampires and their leader has specific plans for Harper, just like he did for her father. Now Harper must try to rescue her friend Will Novack with the help of his brother Michael and another Greywalker named Marsden, as well as avoid being captured by the vampire Alice, who isn’t as dead as Harper thought she was. No matter what happens, the war is just beginning and Harper will need to learn how to use all of her Greywalker skills to survive.

Harper Blaine is one of those heroines who is always a joy to read and the Greywalker series continues to be entertaining. The only thing Vanished needed a little more of was Quinton and Chaos, who both get left behind in Seattle, but Michael and Marsden make up for their absence, so it’s all good.

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