Review of First Moon by Michelle Fox

When wildlife rehabilitation specialist Audrey Levine gets bitten by a wolf, she has no idea her life is about to change forever in First Moon.Nick, the werewolf who bit her, has plans to force Audrey to be his Mate and to create a Pack of his own.┬áBut Nick’s brother, Tao Black, intends to protect Audrey and stop his brother’s evil plan.┬áCan Tao do what needs to be done or will he defy his Alpha’s orders to kill both his brother and Audrey?

I liked Tao and Audrey’s story, but it had a couple of consistency problems. When Tao calls his Alpha with Audrey’s phone, his Alpha answers like he knows it’s Tao calling. How would he know that if it’s not Tao’s phone? Also, Tao somehow keeps Audrey from changing immediately on her first moon, when she shouldn’t really be able to stop it. Those things aside, it was a good story and I really liked Tao’s other brothers, Kai and Leo. I’m looking forward to their stories, as well as the town Sheriff, who also got turned into a werewolf in this story.


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