Review of Bearly Accidental by Dakota Cassidy

Bear shifter and bounty hunter Theodora Gribanov just wants to make enough money to keep the wild animal shelter she works for open in Bearly Accidental.But not long after Teddy darts Cormac Vitali, she realizes he’s her life mate and he may not be the criminal her employer claimed he is. And it turns out Teddy isn’t the only person looking for Cormac. The OOPS girls, Marty, Wanda and Nina, promised Cormac’s sister Toni that they would find him and make sure he was okay. When an attempt it made on both Cormac and Teddy, the OOPS girls spring in to action, determined to stop the men who made Toni and Cormac go into hiding and who hired Teddy and is now trying to eliminate her. But with a now human Nina, will they be able to do this and all come out alive?

This the twelfth Accidentally Paranormal story and they just keep getting better. The only question I have is, where are all the husbands and children during all these adventures? I mean, they end up at Nina’s house, but there’s no Greg or Charlie. Just Archie and Carl. It makes it seem like the women never see their families at all. Now on to Teddy and Cormac. They are more than adorable together, once Cormac gets over the fact that she darted him because he was her bounty. I’m looking forward to Nina’s second story, How Nina Got Her Fang Back.

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