Review of Land of the Free by Donna Ball

In the eleventh Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, Land of the Free,Raine is feeling out of her element as her boyfriend Miles Young prepared for the big open house at his new place. She has nothing in common with the celebrities and politicians that will be there. So it’s no surprise that instead of getting ready for the party, she’s more than willing to take on a search and rescue case looking for an elderly man with her dog Cisco. While the man is found safe and sound by another team, Raine observes two men meeting by an old spring house and is surprised¬†because one of them is supposed to be in jail. When she reports it to the police, she’d told the man died two days ago, so it’s impossible it was him. When that same man is later found dead in her vehicle after Miles party, even more question arise. What’s really going on? Is Raine suffering from PTSD from her past trauma with the man or is there a conspiracy going on? Will Raine survive the newest threat to her life?

It’s no surprise that Raine is unsure about her relationship with Miles. He lives in a much different world than she does. But she adores Miles and his daughter Melanie and the current custody battle with Mile’s ex-wife is affecting all of them. You’ll be a little mad at Raine’s ex-husband Buck, who happens to be the Sherriff, but he pays for it in the end and not in a good way. This may not have been the best story in the series, but it was a good story none-the-less. I enjoyed the outcome, which is what you really want in the end. I’m hoping there will be more stories in the future.

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