Review of Dragon Spawn by Eileen Wilks

FBI Agent Lily Yu and Lupus Rule Turner are about to get some big surprises in the thirteenth Novel of the Lupi, Dragon Spawn.Rule will be challenged to a fight to the death, Lily will find out that sorcerer Tom Weng is still alive, both will find out what happened to a group of dragon spawn who were not properly named at birth and Rule’s son, along with other Lupi children, will be kidnapped. Now they will have to return to the place where Lily died to find the children, the demon world of Dis.

Like many people who reviewed this book, I’m frustrated with the ending. It pretty much stops right in the middle of the action, with no actual story resolution. You’re just left with more questions and a year wait for the rest of the story. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for how long you have to wait, but we all know the Lupi books only come out once a year. There are some really good high points in this story, but I feel like the sudden stop kills them. Like the new development in the Mate bond between Lily and Rule, which we really don’t get enough information about. And how Rule’s son Toby can feel his wolf while in Dis, but he’s too young to change yet. So many tantalizing bits, but no follow through. Hopefully next time.

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