Review of Mischief and the Masters by Cherise Sinclair

Uzuri Cheval has put off dealing with her past for a while now and she’s about to get called on it by Shadowlands Club owner Master Z in Mischief and the Masters.He tells her to pick a Shadowlands Master to tell her tale to, so she picks the one she knows the least figuring she can get away with telling the least amount of detail. She doesn’t know that Master Max is a cop and he gets more out of her than she expects him to. Max lives with his cousin Alastair and the two have long been known to co-Dom. As they both get to know Uzuri, they find themselves wanting her as their submissive. But when her past catches up with her, will she abandon the new love she’s found or will her two Doms come to her rescue?

I loved Uzuri’s story. Max and Alastair are perfect for her. One is a little sadistic and the other more fun loving. Together, they’re the perfect pair, especially for Uzuri. We’re always known she loves to play pranks on the Doms she likes and she gets both Max and Alastair pretty good. More than once. Her prank against Holt is also pretty good. But the biggest surprise is who has been helping her all this time. Jessica isn’t much of a surprise, but Ben is. He’s why she knows how to open locks. I guess that makes him an honorary Shadowkitten, huh? I’m hoping Holt’s story will be next, but I’ll take whatever comes next!

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