Review of Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain

I’m fairly impressed by Chelsea Cain’s third novel, Evil at Heart.I’ve been along for the ride since her first novel, Heartsick,and she’s just gotten better.

With Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell still at large, Archie Sheridan has committed himself to the psych ward. While he’s partly done it to get over his addiction to pain killers and recover from Gretchen’s last attack, he also feels like she can’t get to him there.  As long as he keeps his promise not to kill himself, she’s promised to stop killing. But body parts found in a rest stop bathroom has put that into doubt. The body count quickly keeps increasing and Archie’s ex-partner Henry Sobol asks him to check himself out of the hospital and help them hunt for Gretchen. What Henry doesn’t know is that Gretchen has already been in contact with Archie, finding a way to get to him where he thought he was safe. Archie agrees to help them and with the aid of newspaper reporter Susan Ward, he slips his police tail and puts himself in direct danger, hoping to find Gretchen before she kills again. But is Gretchen really the killer this time or is it the work of one of Gretchen’s demented fan clubs? Only Archie knows enough about Gretchen to uncover the truth, but does he know her well enough to keep himself alive?

Chelsea Cain delivers a fun house ride to the darker side of human nature and psychosis. You can’t help but be drawn in to the story and stay with it until it’s nail biting end.

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