Review of No Were To Run by Robyn Peterman

Dragon Princess Dima finally gets her story in the third Shift Happens story, No Were To Run.Just months away from her 500th birthday, Dima has a lot to accomplish before she could possibly die. She wants to kill her murderous father and ensure the safety of her four year old son. Even if she fails, she’s found protectors for her son in the Hung Island Wolf Pack and the local Vampyres. But first she’ll have to do something she’s avoided for almost 500 years. Deal with another group of Dragons who want the same thing she does: the death of her father.

Once again, the Were Cows steal the show. Not that the Dragons weren’t great too. Dima and Nicolai have great chemistry, even when they hate each other. Her son Daniel is adorable. And Dima’s secret power is pretty cool. While we also get to see Essie, Hank, Dwayne and Grandma, we see even more of Hung Pack Alpha Junior. He’s still determined to win the love of Sandy and goes to great lengths to ensure he always knows were she is. Maybe their story will be next!

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