Review of Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris

Finder of the dead, Harper Connelly, and her step-brother Tolliver Lang are back in their home state of Texas for their newest book, Grave Secret.Though there for a case, they’ve decided to spend time with their little sisters, Mariella and Grace, and let their family know about the change in their relationship status, which doesn’t go over very well. To add to their tension, Tolliver’s father is out of jail and wants to reconnect with his family, not to mention that being close to where they grew up has stirred up memories of Harper’s missing sister, Cameron, who she’s never stopped looking for.

When Tolliver gets shot, it turns out that Harper might be the one in real danger. But is the danger because of the current case they just worked on or Cameron’s disappearance. With Tolliver out of commission, their friend Manfred Bernardo will join Harper in her search for the truth, but with the body count rising, no one might be safe. And now that she’s closer than ever to finding out what happened to her sister, Harper and Tolliver will need to dig deep into their own past to find the final truth.

I don’t think there’s anything Charlaine Harris has written that I haven’t liked. Grave Secret is no exception. Harper Connelly is a heroine you can’t help but like. Her growing relationship with the step-brother Tolliver is endearing and you can’t help but root for them. I look forward to more of them in the future, as well as anything else Charlaine Harris throws at us.

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