Review of Heat Wave by Richard Castle

If you’re not already familiar with Heat Wave,you might not realize it’s simply a TV tie in promotion for ABC’s Monday night show Castle. This is the book that the title character has written based on other characters in the show. That’s not a bad thing, because it’s still a good story, but keep that in mind should you decide to read it.

In Manhattan, a real estate tycoon has plunged to his death from his art filled living room. Detective Nikki Heat has been assigned to the case, along with two male detectives, Raley and Ochoa. They’re joined by journalist Jameson Rook (castle = rook, get it?), who is an annoying thorn in Heat’s side, even when his is being helpful. The tycoon has left behind a trophy wife and son, but it soon turns out he wasn’t so rich after all and that he was murdered. Heat and Rook with sort through all the clues to discover who wanted him dead and why.

If you’ve ever watched Castle, which Roger and I do, you’ll find this book to be like watching one of the regular episodes, minus the daughter. It’s witty, fast paced and carries the same light tone as the TV show. So if you like Castle, you’ll probably like Heat Wave.

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