Review of Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders by Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden and Don Kramer

Calexa Rose Dunhill has no memory of who she is or even what her real name is in Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders.All she knows for sure is that she died, at least briefly, and someone dumped her body in a cemetery. She decides to hide out in the cemetery, keeping her eye on the newspapers for missing girl stories in the hopes of finding out who she is. After witnessing the murder of a young girl, Calexa is inhabited by the girl’s ghost, who wants her body to be found and her killers brought to justice. Not wanting to be discovered herself, Calexa is hesitant to do as she asks. But when the killers catch her with the dead girl’s phone, she’ll need outside help to keep them from getting away.

Calexa is an interesting character and I’m curious to find out what her story is. The artwork in the book is beautiful and brings Calexa’s world to life. I really enjoyed this graphic novel and look forward to the next two installments.

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