Review of The Silvered by Tanya Huff

Tanya Huff brings us a new epic adventure with The Silvered.In a small country at war with their neighbor, low-level mage Marian Maylin has witnessed the kidnapping of five female Mage-Pack, one the wife of the werewolf Pack leader. When Marian flees to the border to inform the military of what’s happened, she gets captured herself by Captain Sean Reiter instead. Reiter stayed behind to captureĀ a sixth mage to fulfill a Soothesayer’s prophecy. Enter Tomas Hagen, the Pack leader’s younger brother, who saw Marian being taken and plans to rescue her. But once the two of them are free, Marian tells him they need to go after the Mage-Pack and free them as well. Even though everything is against them, the two will enter enemy territory, inadvertently fulfilling the prophecy. Marian’s mage powers grow with each day, but is the toll it takes on her body worth the risk? Will they be able to free the Mage-Pack from an insane Emperor? And will Captain Reiter aid them on their rescue mission?

This was a superb fantasy adventure story. Marian goes from bored and untalented, to heroine easily, basically bringing Tomas along for the ride. Tomas, for his part, is simply looking for someone to lead him after the loss of his brother. His only real thought is to rescue his sister-in-law and her unborn baby, but it’s Marian who drives the mission. The two of them together form an excellent team and it was a pleasure to join them on their adventure.

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