Review of Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair

I recently loaned all of the Masters of the Shadowlands books to a friend. In doing so, it prompted me to reread them as well. Yes, I’ve read all of them and never reviewed them here. Bad me. Well, I’m going to remedy that now.

The first book in the series is Club Shadowlands.In the middle of the night duringĀ a bad storm, unsuspecting accountant Jessica Randall’s car goes off the road into a ditch. When she walks to the nearest home, what she finds is Club Shadowlands. The only way she can get in is to sign the release forms she’s asked to read first. Cold, wet and just wanting to get warm, Jessica signs the forms without reading all the way through. Then she enters the club and finds out it’s a BDSM club. All Jessica plans to do is look around, since she’s not submissive. But when she interferes in someone’s scene, the owner of the club, Master Z, is required to punish her.

Finding himself deeply attracted to Jessica, Master Z decides to court her as his submissive. He has a limo take her home, gets her car towed and repaired and then sends her lingerie with an invitation to return to Club Shadowlands as his guest. He’s determined to have her. Is she ready to give over control to him?

I love the Masters of the Shadowland series. I love everything Cherise Sinclair has written. Jessica and Z are probably my favorite of all the Shadowlands couples. Jessica is just so sweet and real and well…bratty. And Z is just what every submissive dreams of. A Dom who knows exactly what his submissive needs, even when she doesn’t.

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