Review of Home Improvement: Undead Edition edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner

There’s nothing like a good anthology and Home Improvement: Undead Editioncertainly qualifies as one. Here are some of my favorite stories.

If I had a Hammer – Charlaine Harris: Sookie and Sam are helping her best friend Tara and her husband JB with a little home renovation when they discover an old blood covered hammer hidden in the walls. Now they need to figure out what happened eighty years ago to solve the haunting they’ve created by uncovering a murder weapon. If you’re a fan of the HBO series like I am, you probably still have a hard time with the whole Tara not be that Tara thing. Personally, I really like the Tara from the books. She has it a lot more together.

Gray –┬áPatricia Briggs: Vampire Elyna has decided to move back to the apartment she shared with her husband when she was still alive. There’s only a few problems. The place is haunted by her dead husband, who she killed when she returned to him her first night as a vampire. And Elyna isn’t welcome in town by the local head vampire. Good think she’s got a ghost on her side.

Blood on the Wall – Heather Graham: Detective DeFoe Montville is a vampire living in his family crypt. Now he finds himself reluctantly helping Austin Cramer, the self proclaimed head of a voodoo-vampire cult who makes a habit of defacing DeFoe’s crypt on a regular basis. Cramer is wanted for murder by the police, but he insists he’s been framed and he needs DeFoe to help him clear his name.

In Brightest Day – Toni L.P. Kelner: Dodie Kilburn raises the dead for a living. When her latest revenant ‘dies’ again the next day, she raises him again, which puts her under scrutiny from the Council. After the revenant ‘dies’ again, Dodie starts to suspect someone may have murdered him the first time and now they want to finish the job.

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