Review of Harrowing Hats by Joyce and Jim Lavene

In the newest Renaissance Faire Mystery, Harrowing Hats,assistant history professor Jessie Morton has found herself without a summer apprenticeship until her hunky boyfriend, and town bailiff, Chase Manhattan finds her a job with the Faire hat maker. Thrilled to be doing anything other than running the frog catapult, Jessie jumps at the opportunity. But as usual, Jessie’s new boss becomes the prime suspect when one of the chocolatiers is found dead in a vat of chocolate. Jessie will do anything to prove her boss is innocent, which means getting involved in the investigation she’s been told to stay out of.

To add to her frustrations, Chase has been acting strangely and going missing at the oddest times and there’s a new group of Knight’s Templar at the Faire causing all kinds of trouble. Jessie is determined to get to the bottom of all of it before the summer it over.

I really like Jessie and Chase. They are such a cute couple, even when they’re fighting. How will I be able to wait another year for the next book?

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