Review of The Chick and the Dead by Casey Daniels

In the second Pepper Martin Mystery, The Chick and the Dead,Pepper has a new ghost haunting her, Didi Bowman. Didi wants Pepper to help prove her sister stole her manuscript after she died and claimed it as her own, turning it into a best seller and blockbuster movie. That was fifty years ago.

Didi’s sister Merilee is now coming back to town to celebrate the movie being digitally remastered and Pepper’s boss, Ella is her biggest fan. In fact, Merilee will be coming to the cemetery where Pepper works to visit her parent’s grave. Too bad Pepper’s going to be out of a job for most of the summer because of Merilee’s visit. All tours are cancelled because of the big hoopla surrounding the celebration. When Merilee’s assistant dies mysteriously, Ella convinces Merilee to let Pepper take her place, which works into Didi’s plans. Didi’s wants Pepper to find her original manuscript in the family home. Only problem is, someone already beat her to it and now Pepper could be in danger too unless she finds out what really happened to Didi fifty years ago.

Detective Quinn Harrison is back, still waiting for Pepper to explain why she acts so strangely and knows things she shouldn’t. Good thing too, because she’s going to need him. Also secretly stalking Pepper is Dr. Dan Callahan. She keeps spotting him skulking around, but he keepsĀ disappearing before she can confront him. And it turns out Dr. Dan may not be a doctor after all and his intentions towards Pepper might be less than sincere. I’m rooting for Quinn personally, but she’ll blow it unless she comes clean with him about her special gift. Maybe next time!

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