Review of Bountiful by Sarina Bowen

Zara Rossi thought her flirtation with copper haired Dave two years ago was just a good time in Bountiful.Then she found out she was pregnant and wasn’t sure of Dave’s last name or how to get in touch with him. Now, professional hockey player Dave Beringer has returned to Vermont for another vacation and found out […]

Review of Ghost Ship by James Rollins

When Commander Gray Pierce and his girlfriend Seichan go on an extended vacation from Sigma Force, they end up at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and become embroiled in the hunt for a lost ship and it’s cargo of gold in Ghost Ship.A group of researchers made the find, but someone sold them out […]

Review of Do You Take This Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Videographer Drew Martinelli is at Thunder Mountain Ranch to film a wedding when she meets cowboy Austin Teague, who recently returned from a stay in New Zealand in Do You Take This Cowboy.The two hit it off immediately, but while Austin feels like he’s found the person he wants to spend his life with Drew […]

Review of Killman Creek by Rachel Caine (ARC edition)

Gwen Proctor and her children have been on the run from internet trolls for the last five years, but now her murderous ex-husband Melvin Royal is on the loose as well in the second Stillhouse Lake story, Killman Creek.Leaving her children with friends, she and Sam Cade, the brother of Melvin’s last victim, go on the […]

Review of Sleeper by Lexi Blake

When demon halflings start showing up dead after meeting with Daniel Donovan, King of the Vampires, things could go wrong really fast unless Kelsey Owens, the Nex Apparatus, figures out who’s killing them in the third Hunter story,Sleeper.Caught between the forces of heaven and hell, Kelsey may need to make a deal with a demon […]