Review of Smoke and Sin by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

The Perfect Gentlemen have returned and this time it’s Roman Calder’s turn to bring the heat in Smoke and Sin.Thirteen years after walking away from Augustine Spencer, Roman and Gus are now working together for the President of the United States and it’s pure hell. He can’t tell Gus about the conspiracy he and his […]

Review of Prehistoric by Michael Esola

In the rainforest of Indonesia, a massive boardwalk project is underway and Bick Downs is one of the people invited to view the potential investment opportunity. The creation of John Corstine, the boardwalk extends miles through the treetop canopy. But a Prehistoricpredator stalks the unsuspecting group and only luck will keep some of them alive. […]

Review of Mack by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Mackhas spent three thousand years living in his twin brother’s shadow, tormented by a curse that only lets him find peace when he kills. While the woman Mack was cursed for is reborn over and over again, King continues to kill her, even when Mack finds her first. King thinks he’s saving his brother more […]

Review of Over the Line by Sierra Cartwright

Sydney Wallace isn’t looking for anything permanent when she visits the Den in Over the Line.In fact, she avoids it so well that she’s got a reputation among the Doms there. But that doesn’t dissuade Master Michael Dayton from approaching her for a scene. After Sydney goes home with him, the two start seeing each […]

Review of Flash by Donna Ball

Two years ago, Police Officer Aggie Malone responded to a house alarm and found two dead bodies and ended up being shot herself. The only one who really knows what happened that night was a border collie puppy who Aggie later adopted and named Flash.Now, the trial for Aggie’s alleged attacker is coming up and she’s […]